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Schenectady Catastrophic Injury Lawyers

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At Powers & Santola, LLP, our Schenectady catastrophic injury lawyers provide high-quality, personalized legal representation to victims and their families. Our mission is to help clients restore independence, dignity, and meaning to their life. We know that picking up the pieces after a catastrophic accident can be a long and daunting process.

You are not alone. We are here to protect your rights and guide you through the claims process. If you or your loved one suffered a severe injury, let us help you get the full financial compensation that you rightfully deserve. For a free, no-obligation initial consultation with a top-rated New York catastrophic injury attorney, please call our law firm today.

What Is A Catastrophic Injury?

More than simply a “serious injury”, a catastrophic injury is a legal category that refers to injuries that are so severe that they cause long-term or permanent impairments. As explained by the American Medical Association (AMA), the most common examples of catastrophic injuries include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs);
  • Severe neck trauma;
  • Spinal cord damage;
  • Internal organ damage; and
  • Amputations.

All catastrophic injuries require immediate emergency medical attention. In some cases, emergency care may be a life or death matter. Additionally, victims often require intensive ongoing support and comprehensive rehabilitative treatment. Victims must be able to access the proper medical care so that they can make the maximum possible physical and psychological recovery.

Catastrophic Injuries Occur In Many Types Of Accidents

A catastrophic injury can happen in virtually any type of accident. At Powers & Santola, LLP, our New York personal injury lawyers handle the full range of catastrophic injury cases. We have experience with:

  • Car accidents;
  • Large truck accidents;
  • Motorcycle accidents;
  • Pedestrians collisions;
  • Medical negligence claims;
  • Nursing home abuse;
  • Construction site accidents;
  • Workplace injuries;
  • Premises liability lawsuits; and
  • Dangerous & defective product claims.

Regardless of the nature of the accident, a catastrophic injury requires a detail-focused investigation. Our Schenectady personal injury lawyers are ready to take immediate action to protect your rights. We will make sure that you have all of the information and evidence to protect your rights and recover financial compensation.

Compensation For A Catastrophic Injury: What You Should Know

Under New York law, plaintiffs in a personal injury claim can seek financial compensation for both economic and noneconomic loss. In most personal injury claims, a settlement/verdict is made up of medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Negligent defendants and their insurers must be made to pay for the victim’s out-of-pocket expenses and the pain and suffering.

Catastrophic injuries claims are far more complex. To start, victims often need long-term medical care and ongoing rehabilitative support —meaning there are likely future medical expenses that need to be addressed as part of any settlement. Additionally, a catastrophic injury could prevent a victim from ever returning to work (diminished earning capacity) or engaging in their previous activities (loss of life enjoyment). You need to work with a Schenectady personal injury attorney who knows how to value a catastrophic accident claim and pursue full financial compensation for future costs and intangible damages.

Why Rely On The Schenectady Catastrophic Injury Lawyers At Powers & Santola

Catastrophic injury claims are complex. With so much at stake, you need an attorney who has a proven reputation for getting results. At Powers & Santola, LLP, our Schenectady personal injury attorneys have deep experience handling catastrophic injury claims. Give us a call and you will have an opportunity to speak to a catastrophic injury lawyer who can:

  • Answer your questions and explain the legal claims process;
  • Comprehensively investigate the accident—securing all relevant evidence, including police reports, photographs, witness statements, medical records, and more;
  • Handle communications, correspondence, and settlement negotiations; and
  • Build a legal strategy focused on maximizing your financial compensation.

We are committed to providing personalized representation to injured victims. All catastrophic accidents should be handled on a case-by-case basis. Cookie-cutter legal guidance is not enough. Our trial-tested Schenectady personal injury attorneys are meticulous in our preparation—we are ready to take your case as far as it needs to go to get you results.

Contact Our Schenectady, NY Catastrophic Injury Attorneys For Immediate Help

At Powers & Santola, LLP, our New York personal injury lawyers are skilled, results-driven advocates for clients. If you or your loved one was severely injured in an accident, we are here to help. To arrange a free, completely confidential initial consultation, please contact our legal team right away. We represent injured victims in Schenectady and throughout the surrounding communities.

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