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Where Do Auto Accidents Happen in Rochester?

Car crash accident happening along Rochester highway.Car accidents happen at a high rate in Rochester and surrounding communities in Monroe County. In fact, according to the most recent statistics from the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT), in 2017 alone, there were:

  • 13,526 total crashes in Monroe County
  • 41 fatal accidents
  • 4,423 crashes resulting in personal injury.

In other words, on average, 37 crashes occurred each day in Monroe County, including 12 accidents that caused injuries. If those statistics tell you anything, it’s that you are not alone if you are hurt in a crash in the area.

However, where do those car crashes in Rochester happen? What are the most dangerous roads and intersections in the area? A good place to find answers to those questions may be Reconnect Rochester’s Monroe County Crash Map.

What Is the Monroe County Crash Map?

Reconnect Rochester is a non-profit organization that engages in a wide range of activities, advocacy and research which are aimed at making transportation safer in the region – whether it is by car, foot, bike, bus or rail. You can learn more about the organization by going here.

A few years ago, the organization launched the Monroe County Crash Map. The goal of the map, according to the chair of Reconnect Rochester’s complete streets committee, is to allow area residents to become more aware of traffic safety issues, identify potential problem spots in their neighborhoods and take action by, for instance, practicing safe driving habits and pushing for properly designed and maintained roads.

The map shows crash data on a Google map. It displays only crashes that resulted in at least one injury or fatality. The organization obtained the data from NYSDOT through a Freedom of Information law request.

Users can adjust the map’s settings. For instance, you can view it through “Simplified” mode and just see the street names, or you can view it through “Paper” or “Satellite” modes which will show businesses as well. The latter modes can be helpful as they reveal where one might expect to find congested traffic – and, in turn, face a higher crash risk – due to a heavy concentration of stores and other businesses. You can also switch into “heat map” mode, and you can filter results by community, date, type of crash and crash count.

Each dot on the map represents a single crash. You can click on the dot and get specific information about the accident, including whether it resulted in an injury or fatality, the type of crash (for instance, :rear-end collision”), whether there were traffic controls at the sight, and the weather and road conditions at the time of the accident.

What Does the Monroe County Crash Map Reveal?

We recently checked out the Monroe County Crash Map and looked at its data for 2017 – the most recent year available. The map lists 4,319 crashes for Monroe County. By looking at the map, you can get a good idea of the area’s most dangerous intersections. We found five specific problem areas:

  • Lake Avenue and Driving Park Avenue – The map shows a cluster of 11 crashes at this intersection, including one fatal collision. The intersection is located near Maplewood Park. Lake Avenue is a busy four-lane road. The Lake Avenue-Smith Street intersection also had many crashes.
  • Long Pond Road and Latta Road – The map shows a cluster of six crashes here. Three nearby shopping centers likely contribute to heavy traffic at the intersection.
  • Ridgeway Avenue and Mount Read Boulevard – A cluster of six accidents are listed for this intersection. Mount Read is a busy four-lane road, and at this area, you can also encounter two service roads. Where Mount Read Boulevard and Lexington Avenue meet near the GM plant is also a site of several crashes.
  • Lexington Avenue and Dewey Avenue – Five crashes are clustered here on the map. It’s the meeting of a pair of two-lane roads. Where Dewey Avenue and West Ridge Road intersection is also a problem area.
  • West Ridge Road and Hoover Drive – The map shows a cluster of five crashes here. It’s not a surprise. Ridge Road is a heavily traveled four-lane road, and this intersection lies within a heavy commercial area.

What Should You Do If You Are Involved in a Crash in Rochester?

When you look at the Monroe County Crash Map, one thing should stand out to you the most – the yellow dots, representing injury crashes, are all over the place. The reality is that an accident can happen anywhere, anytime. Even if you are a safe and responsible driver, you can’t control what others do on the road. This is why it helps to be prepared.

If you are involved in a crash in Rochester, you should know certain steps which you can take to protect your health and your right to pursue compensation. Those steps include:

  • Call 911 – You will want police and emergency medical responders to get to the crash scene as soon as possible. They can secure the scene and provide immediate treatment to you or other victims in need.
  • Gather information at the scene – You should get the other driver’s name, license, insurance and contact information. You should also get the names and phone numbers of witnesses. If possible, try to take photos of the vehicles and surrounding area as well. Simply use the camera feature on your cell phone.
  • See a doctor – You should get medical attention as soon as possible. A doctor can examine you and run tests to determine the nature and extent of any injuries you have suffered. The doctor can start immediate treatment for those injuries, too. The documentation of your injuries will play a key role in any claim you file.
  • Get a copy of the crash report – You can contact the agency who prepared the report such as the Rochester Police Department, or you can go online to order a copy through the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • Report your accident to your insurance company – Your insurer likely requires you to give timely notice of your crash. You need to comply with your policy’s requirements in order to preserve your right to file a no-fault insurance claim or other potential claims down the road.
  • Talk to a lawyer before you talk with the other driver’s insurance company – If another driver’s insurance company contacts you, asks for a recorded statement or offers a settlement, you should talk with a lawyer first. The insurer wants to protect its interests – not yours. A lawyer will be focused on protecting you and your right to recover compensation.

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