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Can a Car Accident Affect Your Vision?

Yes, a car accident can certainly affect your vision. Human eyes are extremely susceptible to harm, and car accidents can be the perfect setup for a serious eye injury.

Threats to vision take many forms in a car crash. Accidents can involve shattering glass, high-speed airbag deployment, dangerous chemicals, fire, and many other dangers. Car accidents can leave victims with eye injuries, vision impairment, and even permanent blindness.

If you’re injured in a car accident, make sure that you get treatment as soon as possible. Your vision could depend on it.

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Types of Vision Injuries in Car Crashes

In a traffic accident, it’s easy for a victim’s vision to be affected. Some injuries may heal over time, but many may cause permanent damage. Examples include:

  • Penetration and laceration of the eye can lead to vision loss. Foreign objects such as shattered glass, broken plastic, and shards of metal can go flying during a collision. The force of an impact can break apart objects inside and outside of a vehicle, and then send small bits at high speed toward victims. If this happens, it’s easy for a foreign object to penetrate the eye and damage a victim’s vision. When an object such as broken glass enters or cuts the eye, it can cause serious damage that can cause permanent vision loss. Doctors may be able to perform surgery and remove the object, but sometimes they can’t undo the damage caused by an object entering an eye.
  • Abrasions can cause serious damage to a victim’s vision. When a car accident happens, the chances are high that debris will strike victims. Abrasions result when a victim’s eye is scratched by small pieces of debris. When this happens, doctors will assess the damage and if needed, give victims antibiotics and other medications to help the eye heal.
  • Black eyes happen when the area around the eye strikes, or is hit by, another object. In a car accident, victims may be thrown into the steering wheel, the dashboard, and other hard surfaces. They may also be hit in the face by an airbag when it deploys. Black eyes can cause swelling around the eye that can block vision or lead to damage to the eye itself. Many people assume that a black eye is a minor injury. However, it may not be. Black eyes can cause vision problems on their own and may disguise other eye injuries. If you receive a black eye in an accident, have a doctor check your eyes and the area around them for signs of more serious injury.
  • Blows to the head can cause issues with the eyes and the brain. In a car accident, a blow to the head can have lasting effects on a victim’s vision. Blows to the head can damage optic nerves and hurt the parts of the brain that control vision. After a car accident with a head injury, it’s important to get checked for impaired vision.
  • The force of impact in a car accident can cause tears and detachments to happen in the eye. Retinal detachment happens when the eye is exposed to high forces. If this happens, victims may experience flashes of light, blurred vision, and other visual effects. Doctors may be able to repair the damage, so it’s important to get help as soon as possible. If this condition is left untreated, victims can suffer permanent vision loss.
  • Airbags save lives and prevent injury. But older airbags and faulty airbags can be another source of injury in an accident. Airbags deploy before you can blink and can send dust and chemicals into a victim’s eyes. Irritation, abrasion, and chemical burns are all possible.

Types of Compensation Available for Vision Injuries

Most people take their vision for granted and they can’t imagine losing it. But car accidents can take away people’s vision in part or in full. An accident can also impair vision temporarily or permanently. No matter whether the loss is partial or complete, temporary or permanent, the effects on a victim’s life can be serious.

Victims may be compensated for vision injuries in a variety of ways:

  • Medical bills and treatment may be covered. Eye injuries can leave victims with stacks of medical bills for surgery and rehabilitation. A claim can include damages for treatment of vision injuries after the accident and into the future.
  • Lost wages and reduced capacity for work may be compensated. A loss or impairment of vision can affect your career and livelihood. When a victim’s vision is harmed, they may lose work in the short term and opportunities in the long term. You may be able to recover compensation for these losses.
  • Pain and suffering arise from serious vision loss. Vision injuries may cause lasting physical pain that can be compensated. However, loss of vision can cause serious long-term damage to a person’s life. Impaired or lost vision can transform how a person lives and operates. Impaired and lost vision can also cause severe psychological problems such as depression and anxiety.

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Vision loss can have significant consequences in a victim’s life. At Powers & Santola, LLP, we understand this, and we are prepared to work to help you recover for your injuries. Our experienced lawyers have represented car accident and vision loss victims throughout Upstate New York. It’s our goal to help victims restore their lives.

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